Students from Other Institutions

Students wishing to apply to the GSD can find information about the MUP  on my web site. I also have some information about doctoral programs. Much of the information is relevant to other programs but I am not on the admissions committee for those programs. At the GSD admissions are made by a committee to a program and matching with faculty is done after admission, including the doctoral programs.

Students from other institutions wishing more general advice about careers or specific advice about a course assignment will find their own faculty to be tremendously helpful. Because I have many students and other responsibilities at my own institution I need to give them my attention and so cannot provide this kind of advice to others.

However, I have provided general information about research elsewhere on this site.  a great deal of information about my own work is on this web site under research and publications. My Planetizen blog also contains useful information. All but the most recent blogs are indexed by topic on my web site.

Finally, for those interested in research methods, the research advice section of this site may be helpful.