Office Hours

If you would like to meet with me  you can sign up for yourself on my appointments pages:

Please provide your name and email. If  you do not use a Harvard email, also provide your REASON for meeting otherwise I may cancel the appointment. 

Meetings are in 15 minute time periods. If you need more than 15 minutes, please sign up for multiple slots.

To cancel the appointment click on the cancellation link in the email you received when you booked the appointment.

Before meeting me I advise you to look at the various pages in this section of my web site (see links at as they may well contain the information you need.

Note, if you book with your time/Google preferences set to another time zone (not East Coast USA), and then come to see me in person, you may have the time wrong. Please look at the time in your booking email–it will be correct for where you made the booking.