Reference Letters

I can write letters of reference for those who I have taught, employed, or advised.

In general I need to have had two interactions with a student in order to write a good reference. Examples of an “interaction” include taking one class, a semester as a student assistant or other employee, being on a department committee with me, being an official advisee for a year or more (if you actually met with me from time to time), or being active in a student group I interacted with a fair bit.

If you are in the first year of the MUP it is fine to have had only one interaction e.g. taking a class or being on a committee with me.

To write a letter of reference I need your:

  • resume
  • unofficial grades
  • draft copy of any cover letter or statement of purpose
  • deadline
  • address to send it to (with email)
  • If your application is for a program or job in a design field, I need to see a copy of your portfolio–at least the highlights. I prefer PDF files and/or online portfolios. I do not need a very high resolution version and appreciate smaller file sizes.

If it is essential that I send a paper copy of the letter, or if the copy needs to be uploaded to a web site, please make that clear. I typically need two weeks to write a letter during semester and three weeks during breaks.

Please also read my Planetizen advice on applying to graduate schools before you send me the materials. Particularly important are entries on: