Faculty Members in Planning at Harvard

It can be a bit difficult to find urban planning faculty on the GSD web site. At present is it available at http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/urban-planning-design/master-in-urban-planning/planning-faculty/ which involves navigating down past the department and program pages. If you look for faculty on the departmental page you get a mixture of urban planning and urban design and it is hard to separate out the core faculty from others. For simplicity I also present it bellow. The top list includes core faculty who are half time or more in planning, either full-time or as a part-time professor in practice, and who typically teach a required planning class or have a substantial role in planning concentrations. The lower list includes faculty in other programs and part-time lecturers and critics who contribute to GSD listed classes of substantial interest to planners such as basic classes in concentrations. Links are to their GSD or HKS faculty pages.

Core Faculty

* Professor in Practice # Major appointment in urban design program

Examples of Others Teaching GSD Courses in Planning