A web site by Ann Forsyth related to urban planning

Harvard Classes

Pedestrians in outer Chennai in India. Active transportation is a topic in the Healthy Places class; as well as earlier classes on Suburbia and Global Cities

Healthy Places–Fall 2017 (previous versions Fall 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Analytical Methods: Qualitative–Fall 2017 (previous versions Fall 2015, 2016)

Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development--Spring 2017 (previous versions -Spring 2016)

Past Courses

Second Semester Core Urban Planning Studio–Spring 2013, 2014. GSD news item on 2013 version and 2014 version

First Semester Core Urban Planning Studio–Fall 2014 (co-coordinator)

Gateway Cities Class (collaborating with Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School)–Spring 2013; GSD news item.

Theses, Projects, and Research Papers

 Pleas see the page on theses on this site.